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 Akatsuki Fanfic

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PostSubject: Akatsuki Fanfic   Wed Jun 08, 2016 7:12 pm

Two girls chained in a dark dungon, having their freedom stolen from them as small children to only be treated like animals, not even treated like the fragile gentle creatures they were, only to be forgotten. They knew no love, kindness only pain, sadness and loneliness that filled their hearts while their bodys were racked with pain from their tormentors. Daily experiments, punishments when the two girls failed to meet their tormentors expectations but that wasn't the worst their bodies had endured, once their bodies matured their tormentors claimed the girl's bodies as their own and stole their innocence like their freedom had been stollen from them, stripping them of their humanity.

To their tormentors, the girls were only seen as a way to fulfill their desires, never caring if they caused the girls pain, their existence for only their tormentors wishes as living dolls for their twisted desires.

The girls had names but their tormentors would never utter their names, they were stripped of  their existence, their identities, the only one who called their name was their mother and father, they were forbidden to mention there own names.

The girls use to hold onto hope for a long time for someone would come rescue them from their eternal nightmare but no one ever came, no one knew they were there locked away from the world. They lost hope, giving up on the outside world, excepting they will die in captivity.

One day after the girls had been returned to their bared cell, their captors ravaged their bodies, leaving them in their cells battered, bleeding being swallowed by their loneliness.

"H....Hikari?" The girl with long brown hair weakly calling out to her sister reaching out to her trying to comfort the other girl with shoulder length brown hair, hoping to sooth Hikari's pain.

"W...we still h...have each other even ...if the world has forgotten us." She called out desperately not knowing if the girl she called Hikari was alive or dead while her body screamed out in pain with every movement her body had made.

"H...Hikari, please don't leave me alone! I....  don't want to be alone!"
She said in a hush painful cry as tears filled her eyes fearing the worst.

Hikari slightly stirs, slowly opening her eyes hearing the other girls pleas.

"S...S...Saiyo?" Hikari gasped out in pain looking at the long haired girl across her cell to Saiyo's bared cell.

"S...sister!" The girl with the long hair being called by the name Saiyo cried out, releaved Hikari was alive not leaving her alone in this world they both called hell.

One of the tormentors heard the comotion, he opened the dunger door slaming it open against the wall causing a loud slaming sound hitting the wall behind it.

The girls flench from the loud nose knowing they once again would endure more pain angering the one that held their lives in his hands.

"What is this racket you two are making? You know your not aloud to call each other by your names! You two are, our living dolls. Always to be seen but never heard! I guess todays punishment wasn't enough. You two will have to learn to be obedient to your masters! I will have to teach one of you a lesson while the other watches, learning to never disobey your masters again!" The man stands infront of Hikari's cell removing the keys from his pocket getting ready to open her cell while Hikari looks at the man with emotionless eyes like she was dead on the inside waiting for the pain she would endure.

"N.....NOooo!" Saiyo screamed out because she fears Hikari's body couldn't handle anymore abuse, that her sister may die if her body endured any more pain.

The man becomes even more angered hearing Saiyo scream out to him. He turns towards Saiyo's cell, unlock the bared door walking into her cell over to Saiyo's crumpled up body. He grabs by her arm yanking her to her feet as she screams out, feeling emencse pain shoot through her whole body.

Hikari closes her eyes as tears begain to fall while Saiyo is thrown onto hard bed that is in her bared jail cell. The man climbs ontop of Saiyo ripping her shirt open, grabing her breast forcefully causing her to flinch from the mans rough treament towards her battered body. She closes her eyes tightly, trying to excape reailty while the man rips the rest of her clothing off, touching every part of her body like it belonged to him and she couldn't object to his actions, laying there as he stole another peice of her soul.

Hikari continues to keep her eyes close but she could hear all the sound from the movements while she quitely wept feeling helpless because she was unable to stop the man from hurting her sister. Hikari thinks to herself wishing someone would come and bring an end to their suffering. 'Please! Someone, help my sister, help me! Make this pain go away! Please just distroy the world so we can finally die together free from our HELL!' Hikari screamed in her head as she kept quite, tears pouring down her face afraid to open her eyes, hearing her sister's crying in pain while the man was forcing Saiyo to give her body to him.

Saiyo tried to hold back her cries because it only angered her captor more, making him inflect more pain. She keeps her eyes tightly sealed waiting for the man to force himself between legs but nothing happens as she feels lighter then she heard a loud thud nose, like something hit the ground. After a couple minutes pass she slowly opens her eyes to see her tormentor laying dead on the ground with a huge wound on his chest bleeding, blood pools around the body. Thats when she notices there was another person standing next to her dead captor's body.

It was a man with orange hair, strange  colored eyes and a lot of facial piercings. He stares at Saiyo with a blank look in his eyes like he is observing her to know if she would become a threat to him. He quitely walks over to her but Saiyo wasn't frighten. She felt the same sadness and loneliness Hikari and herself have felt.

She looked him in the eyes once he stood infront of her rasing his hand while she laid naked on the jail cell bed. Her eyes didn't say she felt fear or threat but happiness that her and Hikari will be set free even if it ment death.

"T....Thank" she gasped out her gradatude for saving her while she waited for him to end her life.

He lowers his arm after he heard Saiyo say thank you to him, seeing the hurt, loneliness in her eyes but he is curious why he aslo seen happiness knowing she would die. He decides to picks her up in his arms carrying her out of the cell, drapping part of his cloke over Saiyo covering her naked body.

Saiyo looks at him with a confussed look then she looks over at Hikari's cell seeing her sister watch the event unfold not understanding why this man didn't kill Saiyo then her.

Saiyo looks back to the man that saved her with the look saying she is concerned for her sister.

Soon another man walks in with long blond hair in a ponytail and bangs covering his left eye. "Pein, we took care of the pest." The man with blond hair said to Saiyo's savor, calling him Pein.

"Deidara, get the other girl. Don't harm her, that is an order! I am curious why these girls were their prisoners." Pein said in a cold commanding voice to the man with blonde hair, calling him Deidara.

Deidara clicks his tongue in annoyance until he sees Hikari when he walks to the caged cell. "My my what a beauitful caged bird." He said with a twister grin but Hikari didn't feel fearful of him because she could sense his hidden sadness and loneliness he kept deep inside his heart but Hikari quickly loses consciousness as the pain she had forgotten moments ago rage back through her weak tired body.

Saiyo watched Deidara not knowing what the man named Pain would do to Hikari and her. Saiyo's slowly closes her eyes losing conscious racked with pain and exhaustion, while her head falls againat his body, fast a sleep.

Hours pass Hikari and Saiyo are taken back to their hideout and laid down on a hard floor in a poorly lit room while Akatsuki's have a serious discussion between each other. Meanwhile the girls laying unconscious on the ground begain to move slightly like the two of them share a painful dream or a memory they wish that would be forgotten.

Hikari laying unconscious tenses every mucle in her body as her appearance changes form, her hair becomes long turning white as horns become visable on the top of her head, her nails become long and sharp while she grips her nails into the wood flooring like she is trying to excape from a place she is held captive locked away with an expression of rage mixed with bitterness on her unconscious face. She cries out "Please! No stop!" she drags her sharp nails across the wood flooring leave claw marks in the wood as she cries out again in pain like someone had taken the last of her innocence from her,  and stealing her will to survive leaving her an empty shell, nothing left that made he feel she was real or even alive.

All of a sudden Saiyo's body joilts up opening her eyes with a blank stare still in her unconscious state, her body starts to transform into a differnt appearance. Her long brown hair turns a deep pink, her eyes start to glow as fangs appear in the corner of her mouth, she opened her mouth to scream allowing a threatening growl excape her lips which catches Pein's, Deidara's and the other Akatsuki members attention. As quickly as Saiyo's body joilted up into a sittiing position, her body falls back towards the floor making contact causing a loud thud noise to echo through the poorly lit room still in her undisturbed unconsciousness. She cruls her legs to her chest laying on her side and a tears begain to slowly trail down her cheeks with the look of her heart been torn in two wrinching in pain like she was being tormented.

Pein stares at the girls with curiosity in his cold eyes about the sudden development he had witnessed while Deidara cocks his head to the side glancing at the girls with a sparkle in his eyes excited to see two new toys he can play with.

"Certainly this is an intresting development. At first I wanted to kill them but now I want to play with them, making one of them my new toy." Deidara said with a twisted excitement in his voice while a man with a swirl mask covering his face, claps his hands together acting excited.
"Tobi wants to play! Tobi be a good boy!" The man with the swirl mask talks in a third person calling himself the name Tobi.

"Though it seems I was correct in taking these two alive. Itachi, Kisame, I need you two togather information about these two girls. As soon as you know any information report it back to me." Pein said to a man with long black hair and red eyes standing next to a man with pale blue skin with sharp pointy teeth. The man with long black hair nods to Pein then turns around calling to the other man. "Let's go Kisame." He said walking out of the room followed by the man with pale blue skin glacing back at Hikari and Saiyo with a blood lust look in his eyes leaving the room to gather information.

"What should we do with you two?" Pein said as he looked at Hikari and Saiyo while they lay on the ground unconscious in their deman forms while he is deep in thought Tobi walks over to Hikari, knelling down on one knee while he reaches his hand dow to her beautiful white hair, running his fingers through strains of her hair. "Shhh it's okay, Tobi will play with you! Toby loves to play!" Tobi said in an excited but comforting tone as he continued to run his fingers through Hikari's hair which Deidara gets irated seeing Tobi run his fingers through his new toys hair. He walks over to Tobi grabing his hand removes Tobi's hand from strocking her hair with a scowl on his face hissing at Tobi. "Don't put your filthy hands on my beautiful caged bird!" Deidara said as he pulled Tobi away from Hikari's unconscious body. Tobi pouts not pleased Deidara stopped him from playing with his new playmate.

"Fine! Tobi will play with my other playmate! Tobi is smart!" Tobi said with an excited tone in his voice dusting himself off looking over at the other girl as he is was getting ready to walk over to the unconscious girl but Pein stops Tobi in his tracks saying in a commanding emotionless voice, "Tobi stop! Leave the girls alone! We still don't know what thise two are capable of besides we could use these two girls to our advantage. Forcing them to join once we know who they really are! One of us needs to keep a close eye on them so they don't excape or become a threat." Deidara looks over to pain with a twisted smirk like he was scheming hearing Pain's words about guarding the girls. Deidara opens his mouth to speak while his smirk becomes more twisted.  "Just this once I will volunteer to watch over one of the girls." Deidara said as he picked Hikari up in his arms.

"Deidara, you better not, think of blowing the girl up into peices! You will have me to deal with personally." Pein said with a warning while his his eyes we're cold like his heart was a frozen tundra uninhabited island waiting for sumer to come to the unendless winter.

"You have nothing to worry about I won't break my beautiful caged bird by breaking her wings. I only want to clip her wings preventing her from flying away." Deidara said while holding Hikari in his arm princess style. The palm of Deidara's hands contained a mouth on each hand. The mouth on each hand enjoys the feeling of Hikari's skin rub aginst their lips which causes the mouths to react by licking the back of Hikari's legs.

A man with deep red hair and emotionless eyes watches quitly what has taken place before him, he never utters a single word just stairs vacantly at Saiyo. Sasori walks over to Saiyo with curiosity why she is able to transforms into a demon. He knells down reaching out his hand touching one of Saiyo's horns checking to see if the horns are real. 'Hm? Intresting... They are real..." He said as himself thinking.

Saiyo's body responds to the man with deep red hair as he touched her long black curved horns, her face relaxs all the muscles in her face from the cold touch of the man's hand. The man looks at her curiously wondering why the girl relaxed her face when his cold hands glided along her horns. The man stands back to his feet, he walks over to Deidara holding the other girl and Pain, stands next to them. He looks at pain with emotionless eyes, pain turns his head to look at the man with red hair. "What is it, Sasori?" Pein questioned the man with red hair he called by the Sasori.

"Back in the hidden sand village, there was a idle talk about a women in the village met a demon and she became pregnant, giving birth to twins but Third Kazekage killed the women but it was unknown what happened to the children. It is roemered they were also killed with their mother. I don't believe they were killed but we're hidden away like these two girls." Sasori said with a cold detached voice to Pein.

Pein places a hand on his chin while he glaces at the girls wondering if these girls are the two missing children from the idle talk Sasori told him about.

"Sasori, see if you can find out more information about the idle talk you spoke of and report the findings to me." Pein said roving his hand from his chin looking back to Sasori.

Sasori gives Pein a slight nod and walks out of the room to search his books in his room for more information on the missing children.

"Half demon..... Certainly becoming more intrested in these girl especially my beautiful caged bird. I will watch over her in my room..." Deidara said walking out of the room carrying Hikari to his room.

Pein watches Deidara leave the room with one of the girls being left alone in the room with the other girl after he dismissed the other Akatsuki member.

"What I should do with you? Pein
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Akatsuki Fanfic
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